The bigggest & Newest revolution of 560 pellet machine

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JLNE pellet machine JLNE pellet machine
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I believe people who have bought 560 machines was troubled a lot by reducer problems,which is difficult to repair with expensive cost. But now,you NO LONGER have to worry about this issue,JLNE latest INTEGRATED type is coming out!!
By using gear-driving to replace the reducer parts,make whole working more effectively and durable and easy to repair or maintenance,while price is not much high than the old type. More importantly,customers who have already bought the old machine are blessed.No matter whom you buy from,we are capable of changing it into gear-driving,as long as the original supporting part and spindle are still on the original machine.
After our remolding,your machine's capacity increased at least 10%,which equivalent to spend half the money to buy a new machine. (the first photo is taken from internet, if there is a copyright infringement, please contact me to delete.)