DSP Floating fish feed pellet machine


JLNE floating fish feed machine can make feed float on the surface of water for at least 12 hours without blistering.The artificial can easily observe the food consumption of the fish, which will not cause waste of feed and will not pollute the water

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Fish feed machine is widely used to make floating fish feed pellets for all kinds of aquatic like fish and shrimp.

there are many different types and models of feed extruder,each of them can be equiped with different shapes and diameter moulds.The feed pellets diamter range is 0.9~15mm.

JLNE has 4 types fish feed machine:
1.SZLH series fish feed machine--making sink type fish feed,capacity range from 1ton per hour,the final pellet can float on water more than 12hours without pollute water.
2.DGP series floating fish feed machine--also called dry type feed extruder,which making floating type fish feed,capacity range from 100kg per hour
3.DSP series floating fish feed machine--also named as wet type feed extruder,can making floating type fish feed,capacity range from 150kg per hour
4.SSGS series fish feed machine--making both sink and floating type fish feed machine,capacity range from 150kg per hour

We recommend suitable model according to customers' acutal need.Below pic is for DSP series fish feed machine.

All of our DGP and DSP and SSGS series floating fish feed machine have below characters:

1.The international advanced cutting structure adopts the soft knife fitting form and  the stepless variable speed,which can cut the discharge material into the required length smoothly.
2.Novel design, unique, simple and easy to disassemble, easy to operate
3.The screw sleeve and the screw in our floating fish feed machine are made of unique wear-resistant high-temperature alloy steel material,which is heat-treated and has the advantages of wear resistance and long service life.
4.A unique supercharged die device is installed to ensure capacity and quality, and also equipped with electric heating device to increase feed expansion rate.
5.The main engine uses a high-quality series of three-phase motors to ensure powerful power.
6.adopt frequency adjustable motor to feeding material evenly,makes feed extruder more convenient to operate
7.The discharge system of the floating fish feed machine is easy to replace,customer just need to change different mould to get different size of aperture feeds.
8.The floating feed puffed feed produced can float on the surface for at least 12 hours without blistering.The artificial can easily observe the food consumption of the fish, which will not cause waste of feed and will not pollute the water. . 
The material is effective in killing Escherichia coli and Salmonella by high temperature and high pressure, ensuring the hygiene of the feed, facilitating protein denaturation absorption and starch gelatinization, and being easily absorbed by fish and livestock. 
Generally, the use of puffed floating fish feed saves 8% to 15% compared to powder or pellets. 
9.The screw adopts a split structure, which is easy to clean and replace.
10.the screw sleeve of this fish feed machine adopts enhanced alloy steel strip structure to prolong extruder's service life.

Below pic is for DSP series floating fish feed machine.

There are many different mold to achieve different size fish feed,like squre shape,ball shape and others,final feed size range is 1.5~12mm or customized.

Each floating fish feed machine has wearing parts,after long time working,normally we suggest to change wear parts every two or three months to prolong machines' service life and making qualified fish feed.If not change ontime,it will affect final floating fish feed and machine's normal working.

below is the pic of main parts

 Above pics are all for DSP series machine,if want to know more,please visit our other product page.

Model Capacity Main power Feeding power Cutting power Screw diamter Conditioner power
DSP60 180~200 15 0.75 0.75 60mm 0.55
DSP70 250~300 18.5 0.75 0.75 70mm 1.5
DSP80 350~400 22/30 1.1 0.75 80mm 1.5
DSP100 500~600 37 1.1 1.1 100mm 2.2
DSP120 700~800 55 1.1 1.1 120mm 2.2
DSP135 1000~1500 75 1.5 2.2 135mm 2.2
DSP160 1800~2500 90 2.2 2.2 155mm 3.5
DSP200 3000~4000 132 2.2 2.2 195mm 4.5

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