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Introduction of Electric control system For pellet processing, it can be used in the whole processing line. The system combines master control room control and field control, which can intuitively reflect the running status of the pellet equipments throughout the whole production line; also it can reflect the running current and rotate speed of the main equipments, convenient to control.

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Introduction of Electric control system
For pellet processing, it can be used in the whole processing line. The system combines master control room control and field control, which
can intuitively reflect the running status of the pellet equipments throughout the whole production line; also it can reflect the running current  and rotate speed of the main equipments, convenient to control.
With the system, the pellet feed factory can save much time, labor and cost; also can improve the automation degree and management.
Feature1 Accurate and simple operation, high efficiency, reduced cost.
Feature2 More compact device, circuit integration and functionality.
Feature3 Equipment fault warning and fault location functions are helpful to maintainer; they can debug the faults and recover manufacture rapidly.
Feature4 The steady and reliable system can provide advantages for the automation degree and management level of the enterprise.

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