JLF-800&JLF-1200 Waste copper wire recycling line


JLF series copper wire recycling line is used for recycling waste household communication cables, car cables,motor cables and other industrial cables. The machine mainly includes crushing and separating,and it also has high efficiency dust collecting system to get clearly copper pellet and plastic pellet.

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Waste copper wire recycling line introduction:
JLNE-recycling machine

JLNE-recycling machine

JLF-800 (capacity:600-800kg/h)and JLF-1200(capacity:1500-2000kg/h)are complete processing line for copper wire recycling which is applicable for large size factory. It includes first crusher, second shredder,separator and dust collector. It can deal with larger size scrap cooper cables with higher efficiency.
JLNE-recycling machine
JLNE-recycling machine
JLNE-recycling machine
Waste copper wire recycling line components:
First crusher -- conveyor -- Second Shredder and Electrical Control Cabinet -- Separator and Dust Collector
♦1. This machine is used to recycle scrapped copper wires and cables, like automobile wires, telecommunication wires, and other kinds of copper wires, in order to recover copper.
♦2. This machine is consisted of Crusher, Crushed Material Channel, Vibrating Separator, Air Blower, Dust Collector, and the Underbed, etc.
♦3. This Copper Wire Cable Granulator is specially used to process all kinds of copper wires and cables, like automobile electric circuit wires and communication cables, and other unclassified cables which cannot be processed by wire-stripping machine.
Waste copper wire recycling line Working principle:
JLNE-recycling machine
1. The first crusher of the recycling plant crushes the wires/cables into 10—20mm length.
2. By conveyor, crushed wires/cables are conveyed to the second crusher, which crush them again into 3-5mm length plastic pieces and copper granules.
3. The mixture is sent to the vibration system. By airflow and vibration, plastic pieces are separated from copper granules thoroughly.
4. Copper granules and plastic pieces come out of the granulator from different outlet. Dust is collected by dust collector through air duct.
Waste copper wire recycling line Specifications:
Model Recycling capacity Processed wire diameter Total power Voltage Dimension Weight
QJF-800 600-700kg/h 0.1-40mm 73.26KW Customized 9.2×4.1×2.4m 8000kg
QJF-1200 1500-2000kg/h 129.36KW 16×10×3m 12000kg

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