G type vertical pellet machine


MZLV-G series pellet machine is the biggest invention in whole biomass field of China. JLNE is the unique supplier in China who can manufacture all types of pellet machine,like horizontal pellet machine,vertical pellet machine driving by reducer and vertical pellet machine driving by fully gear box.

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As all other ring die or flat die pellet machine,the G type pellet machine also can work with all series raw material from forest and agrcultural waste.
Below pic only show part of those material,the G series pellet machine can also work with other types,like palm fiber,coffee waste powder,coconut shell,etc.

This machine belong to vertical type,so it has all advantages of ring die vertical pellet machine.
1.with upward model,raw material can directly feeding into machine
2.all G series pellet machine will be equipped with two cooling system
3.the ring die lifting device is optional to help change spare parts easily
4.the dust and heat removal system also is optional to work with machine
5.all of our pellet machine with auto lubrication system

There are several suppliers in China can provide gear type pellet machine,but none of them are same with ours:

Difference 1 about machine body:
Other supplier:the pellet machine body using casting base,which has many problems in future maintance
JLNE:using welding base,which is easier for future maintance

Difference 2 about gears:
Other supplier:gears inside pellet machine are produced by other supplier with thin thickness
JLNE:all of the gears are produced by ourselves with strong and thicker thickness.

Difference 3 about cutting knives:
Other supplier:the cutting knives are fixed quantity
JLNE:according to different raw material,like wood,rice husk,palm fiber,coffee waste and so on,our cutting knives are different

Difference 4 about cooling system:
Other supplier:with one engine cooling system
JLNE:all of the G type pellet machine produced with TWO engine cooling systems to assure long working life.

Difference 5 about engine oil pipe:
Other supplier:with four pipes
JLNE:with FIVE oil pipes

Difference 6 about detail design:
Other supplier:cutting motor in the uphead,when disassemble pellet machine to change ring die,you have to lift up motor too
JLNE:cutting motor in the downside,easier to change spare parts

Difference 7 about after-sale service:
Other supplier:they will tell you to wait for gear suppliers notice if anything goes wrong during production
JLNE:customer can get directly service from JLNE,because we made all parts by ourselves.

Difference 8 about Professional level:
Other supplier:only focus on one or two type pellet machine
JLNE:with years expereince on all types ring die pellet machine,horizontal,vertical both in reducer and gearbox

G type pellet machine is the hot selling series in China market

G type pellet machine model
Model Power Capacity Inner diameter
MZLV480G 55~75kw 0.6~1t/h 480mm
MZLV560G 90~132kw 1~2t/h 560mm
MZLV700G 160~220kw 2~3t/h 700mm
MZLV800G 350kw 3~4t/h 800mm

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