Scrap radiator recycling line


This plant is used for crushing scrap radiator to small pieces and separate the copper, alunimum and other waste steel.

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Scrap radiator recycling line introduction:

♦This plant is used for crushing scrap radiator to small pieces and separate the copper, alunimum and other waste steel.
♦The whole plant has high recycling efficiency and separating rate( up to 99%). It can process more than 1000kg scrap radiator each hour and no copper lose during the recycling.
♦This machine is consisted of crusher, shredder, conveyor, separator and dust collector. First crusher of the line can also be used for crushing scrap copper wires and other kind of metals.
♦Normal radiator from air conditioner and car can be processed by this line, and compressed radiator can be also recycled. No limit about the radiator size.
♦Output copper pieces and aluminum pieces can be reused. Also the output piece size can be adjusted as customers’ requirement.
♦The whole line is controlled by PLC controller. Only two workers required to operate the equipments.
♦All of the equipments and spare part are with high quality and has long use life. We will also supply necessary equipment to help customer maintain the complete plant.
JLNE-Scrap radiator recycling line process
Scrap radiator recycling line specifications:
Model JL-500
Voltage / Power 380V / 118.3KW
Productivity 1000Kg/h
Separation Rate Above 99.5%
Packing 40’HQ
1. Belt Conveyor Dimensions: 3*1.4*2.5m         Voltage / Power: 380V/2.2KW
2. First Crusher (Two-shaft Crusher) Voltage/Power: 380V / 22KW      Dimensions: 1100*1800*1960mm
3. Belt Conveyor Dimensions: 3300*1100*2500mm         Voltage / Power: 380V / 2.2KW
4. Second Crusher Voltage/Power: 380V / 55KW            Dimensions: 1700*1550*2900mm
5. Magnetic Separator Dimensions: 3500*1500*2100mm         Voltage/Power: 380V / 1.5KW
6. Vibrating Separator Dimensions: 3800*2000*4000mm         Voltage / Power: 380V / 17KW

 JLNE-recycling machine
About the plant:
1.What’s the total power of the plant?
Total power is 140KW
2.What’s the separating rate of the plant? ( how many percent ofthe copper, aluminum and iron after crushing and separating) The final separating rate is more than 98%.
Copper: 42%
Aluminum: 48%
Iron(Fe): 10%
3.How many hours can the machine work continuously?
10 hours
4.What’s the crushed radiator size from the first crusher?
5.What’s the smallest copper and aluminum size out of the second crusher?
About the spare parts:
1.How many pieces blades inside first crusher? And how long is the use life?
40pcs blades. Uselife: 3-5 years
2.How many blades inside the second crusher? Uselife?
14pcs. Uselife: 1-2 years
3.How to maintain the blades?
We have blade sharpener machine.
You can sharping the blades after use it for time.
4.How often to sharping the blades?
Normally every 15 days. ( 10 working hours each day)

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