JLF-600 copper wire granulator


JLF series copper wire recycling machine is used for recycling waste household communication cables, car cables,motor cables and other industrial cables. The machine mainly includes crushing and separating,and it also has high efficiency dust collecting system to get clearly copper pellet and plastic pellet.

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Copper wire granulator introduction:
JLF-600(capacity:300-400kg/h)has high recycling efficiency and high purity. Mixed crushed material(copper pellet and plastic pellet)enter vibrating separator together with airflow,and finally the pellet are put on the small vibrator(second separator)to get 100% purity.
JLNE-recycling machine
JLNE-recycling machine
Copper wire granulator FAQ
1.Is there quick-wear part on the machine?
The spare part of the machine is blades and screen, their use life is more than 2 years, and we could also supply blade sharping machine to you for maintenance.
2.What’s the longest continuous working time for the recycling machine?
Normally 10 hours per day.
3.Is the machine easy to operate? How many workers required to operate it?
We design precise but simple control system for the machine.
For single recycling machine, only one worker is required.
For complete recycling line, two workers are required.
Copper wire granulator advantages:
♦1. Integrated structure, small dimensions, easy to move, saving space.
♦2. Low power consumption, stable performance. 
♦3. Minimum copper recycling rate can reach 99%.
♦4. No water is needed, no dust, no environmental pollution.
♦5. Controlled by electricity control panel, highly automatic.
Copper wire granulator Application(raw materials):
Applicable cables: Waste communication copper cables, motor cable, car cable, industrial cable,household cable, enamelled cable.
Applicable cable diameter: 0.3-20mm
If you are not sure whether your cables are applicable for our equipment, you could send some cables to us for testing.

JLNE-recycling machine
JLNE-recycling machine

JLNE-recycling machine
Copper wire granulator Working principle
JLNE-recycling machine
♦1.Put wires and cables into the crusher, in which they are crushed and plastic sheath and copper separated completely. The length of the crushed material is based on the mesh of the riddle: the bigger the mesh is the longer the crushed material will be and the larger the output will be. The mesh should be chosen in production according to the type of the material.
♦2.The crushed material (mixture of copper granules and plastic pieces) is conveyed to the separator by the conveyor, during which procedure dust and part of plastic pieces of light weight(including fiber, rope, or tapes, etc. mixed in the wires) are collected by the pressure-reducing blower. The above opening of the pressure reducing blower is connected with the dust collector opening in which a dust collecting bag is used to prevent discharge of dust for the purpose of environmental protection. Dust and part of plastic pieces of light weight are collected in this bag and will be discharged when the bag is full.
♦3.The separator is used for separating plastic pieces and copper granules. According to the differences of the physical properties and specific gravity between different materials, there is specific gravity deviation under the forces of Aerodynamic and Vibration friction. By adjusting the speed of material conveying and amplitude parameters, copper granules (of larger specific gravity) will move to the riddle bottom and move from down to up, and plastic pieces (of smaller specific gravity) will move to the above of copper granules and move from up to down, and in the end they will both be discharged through different openings.
♦4.All the units are installed on the underbed to form a whole structure. The machine is adjusted ready for production before shipping, and the customer only need to connect it to the power supply.
Model Recycling capacity Processed wire dia. Total power Voltage Dimension Weight
QJF-600 300-400kg/h 0.3-20mm 52.36KW As required 4.3*1.95*2.4m 3400kg

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