EFB Pellets Introduction

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Besides wood pellets and sawdust pellets,the EFB pellet with high calories is also classified as energy source in the market.
What are EFB & EFB pellets:
EFB full name is Empty Fruit Bunch,it comes from oil palm fruit,when processing crude palm oil and the remaining bunch is abandoned which named as EFB.
EFB pellets is made from grinded EFB fiber,the fiber comes from the stripping of oil palm fruits during oil extraction process.

Name EFB EFB Pellet
moisture 60~65% 8~12%
Heat energy 1400kcal/kg 4000kcal/kg
market domestic Domestic & export
shape In bulk In regular

How does EFB Pellets being manufactured:
1.EFB fiber must stay in proper moisture to make sure high heat energy and pelletizing efficiency,the best humidity is 8~12%.click here to see EFB fiber dryer.
2.before making pellets,the EFB fiber should be cutted to small size,click here to see EFB fiber hammer crusher.
3.after drying&crushing,the EFB fiber in suitable size and moisture,then we put them to the pellet machine.client here to see EFB pellet machine.
4.when EFB pellets go out from pellet machine with high temperature,they need to be cooled for good storage condition,so a pellet cooler is necessary.click here to see EFB pellet cooler.
5.pack the EFB pellets in ton bags or small bags like 10~50kg/bag,then they are ready for transpor to domestic or oversea market.client here to see EFB pellet packing machine.