10t sawdust pellet production line being delivery

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 On 30th June, 2018, our factory finished 10t/h sawdust pellet line production and sent the equipments to buyer by 10 trucks. This 10t sawdust pellet line include 5 sets 560 wood pellet machines and coolers and conveyors, etc. In China mainland, we have more than 50 lines around China, ranging 1t line to 20t wood pellet line.

Our 560 model pelelt machines are new gear-driving type without reducer. Compared with the reducer type pellet machine, our gear-driving type pelelt machine is efficiency, and convenient maintance. 

More efficiency: Based on site production test, new type machine is 30%-40% higher capacity than old reducer type, by same model and same power.

Convenient maintance: If machine problem, old type need to change the reducer, it is lot of money and waste. But new type we only need to check which gear broken and only need to change the broken gear, saving money and time.