Sawdust pellet mill working principle

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This machine is made up of feeding adjustment system and main drive granulating system, and for the concrete structure should refer to the following exploded view of system and figure.
Powder wood pellets in the bin are sent to stirrer by feeder through magnetic separating device, then steaming into the stirrer and are mixed and stirred with steam, and then they are entered into pressing room through enforcing feeding device, moreover, the powder are feed to the second pressing room of ring die by feeding scraper. The materials are brought to the position between ring die and pressure roller as high speed rotating of ring die, they become compact gradually influenced by the hard press of ring die and pressure roller, and they are shaped in the module hole. Because the press between ring die and pressure roller is continual, the shaped materials will extrude from the module hole in columnar shape, then they are cut to grains of required proper length by cutter, and then entered into the next procedure.