How to clean up feed mixer

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According to the impact of equipment cleaning issue on product quality, the following opinions were put forward. It is hoped that customers can develop the habit of regular cleaning, make feasible cleaning plan, track the cleaning process, and make cleaning records,in order to produce qualified products with stable quality.

Cleaning of mixer

1.why should do cleaning work
After a period of use, the interior of the mixer will be coated with a layer of material. If the oil content is high, a thick layer of material will accumulate after one shift. Some mixers have a liquid mold in addition to the fuel injection device. The agent nozzle, the liquid methionine nozzle, will accumulate on the inner wall of the mixer, beside the nozzle, on the shaft and the blade, and on the switch door.

2.Cleaning method(how to clean up):
After the end of the shift,turn off the power before cleaning, lock the brake knife, and use the specially made tools to scrape off the material on the inner wall, the nozzle, the blade, and the shaft. After the layer is cleaned, open the mixer door and clean the door and seal.

The materials cleaned up on the same day can be returned according to the quality control requirements. If the time is too long, the odor and mildew materials can not be returned to the machine for disposal. Some mixers are relatively large and require people to enter before they can be cleaned up. At this time, the safety work is particularly important. In addition to locking, there must be someone to look after the person. After cleaning, the person entering the mixer is responsible for opening the lock of the power box door.

3.Cleaning frequency:
1~3day clean up once