The reuse of coffee waste ground

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Here’s the video by using coffee waste powder as raw material to make coffee pellet,they are strong and long shape,you can not do this good without perfect compression ratio:

The coffee industry plays a major role in the global economy, and its environmental impact is also critical. More than 2 billion tons of coffee byproducts are produced globally each year; when the coffee beans are baked and dried, the coffee husk (the skin of the Coffee Bean) is usually removed during processing and coffee grounds are discarded directly. Traditional concepts consider these by-products: coffee grounds and coffee grains do not have much practical value or application.

Recently, in a research paper published in the international magazine LWT-Food Science and Technology, scientists from the University of Granada began research to determine which coffee by-products can be recycled as nutrients.
In the article, the researchers clarified Coffee grounds and coffee husks have strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Because they are rich in fiber and phenols, the research findings also reveal that the antioxidant activity of coffee grounds is more than 500 times that of vitamin C, so it is used as a function. Sexual foods will bring huge health benefits.

Besides that,you can find a lot of magical use of coffee grounds when you search in Google, for example, it can be used as fertilizer for viridiplantae, or get rid of odor, etc. Today I want to "explode "It's another wonderful usage, a very useful one that can turn waste into treasure and create wealth for you.

Do you believe that coffee grounds can turn into money and make you rich?
The answer is YES,by making biomass fule like coffee pellet by using those waste!

Coffee pellet also belong to biomass fule, its heat value can achieve more than 4500mj/kg,which is even much higher than other biomass fule like wood or rice husk.
Wood and other agricultural waste are easy to press to pellet shape,because insider those raw material,their lignin content play the role of “additive”, which can make sure they will be formed under enough pressure force and high temperature.

Unlike wood pellets,when making coffee waste pellet,the production design is much simple,the basic standard section is normally:
1.drying section
Reduce cofee ground moisture to a proper content
2.pelletizing section
Both horizontal and vertical pellet machine will be find,with precise compress ratio,when using different raw material type,like wood or coffee waste,it will need some specific desgin of pellet machine.(pls contact us for more detail info if you are interested in making coffee pellet)
3.cooling section
4.packing section