Mayora visit JLNE for coffee waste ground making pellet

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How to make coffee pellet is a good question.
Compared with wood material,coffee powder or coffee waste ground also can be used to make biomass pellets.
Here is the video of our on-site test machine when Mayora came to visit JLNE.
1.raw material:100% pure coffee waste powder/coffee waste ground coffee pellet in 8mm
Mayora group,one of the biggest consumer products company in the world,the team from their headquarters headoffice in Indonesia had visited JLNE company on the end of year 2018.
Some people may curiously,"what is the relationship between one company that produces food and one company that produces energy machinery?
While,as the famous group company,Mayora Group has several product lines,coffee is one of them.During the past 27years,the coffee waste ground were thrown away directly during production.
With the continuous development of new energy sources,they began to consider whether these wastes can be reused to do something.Fortunately, yes, these coffee grounds can be reused.
Through repeated comparisons and investigations,Mayora decided to consider biomass energy. As a global coffee processor, every day a huge amount of waste is produced. If it can turn waste into treasure, it is a good thing for the company.
Therefore, according to the amount of coffee slag produced every day,Mayora started close business negotiations with JLNE, and we also gave reasonable suggestions and design according to their actual needs.
At the end of 2018, they came to interview our company and tested the coffee waste ground onsite. The effect was very good. The coffee pellets/granules produced were long and strong, which fully satisfied the needs of customers.