How to invest in wood pellet plant 1

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How to invest in wood pellet plant
With the global emphasis on environmental protection, the rapid development of biomass has been promoted, and more and more businessmen want to invest making wood pellets. However, anyone who enters a new industry will face many problems.Before investing in biomass pellets,here's the list that issues need to be considered before investment.
How to start 
people may think that start making wood pellets with small capacity to save cost for testing market.That idea is correct in generally,but when we building a pellet plant,things are different.

If you are aming at produce wood pellets for sale,our suggestion as belows:

1.First of all, what you need to know is that in order to start operating the pellet plant, the capacity better starts at least 1 ton per hour.
Small household pellet granulators is design for small scales, for example several hundred kilograms.
Since the manufacture of wood pellets requires enormous mechanical stress on the granulator, If you force a small granulator machine to work under heavy load,it will break down quickly.
Therefore, reducing costs is undoubted, but critical equipment is essential.
2.For other matching machines,like coolers and packaging machines, they are not as necessary as granulators, and you can even pack them by hand if want to saving cost.

The budget for investing in a pellet factory does not depend solely on the equipment, it also depending on the materials supplied.
For example, if the material is wood chips or wood sawdust,such as a hammer mill or dryer is not required.
If the material is corn stalk, you will have to purchase the above equipment for material preparation.