How to invest in wood pellet plant 2

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The very basic knowledge that people should known before making wood pellets:

This is good thing that people are constantly asking very basic questions.It helps us understand more about how potential customers are dealing with issues that they are confused. Here's some basic knowledget to help them learn more.

1.Wood pellet production is calculated by tons per hour, not day or year.
2.The raw material's moisture needs to be reduced under 15% before feeding into pellet machine.
3.The raw material size should be no big than 12mm.
4.There are only three types of pellet granulators in China market, which are flat die granulators, horizontal ring die granulators and vertical ring die granulators.
5.Ring die granulators are designed to suitable for large scale pellets production.
6.Biomass pellet fuel is kind of clean energy,but the pellet production business is not very energy efficient.

How many wood pellets can be produced in one ton raw material?
The answer to this question depends on the moisture content of the raw material.
The finished pellets moisture is normally less than 10%. The wood pellets production is also a process of water lossing.
Based on our experience, the particles water-content before entering the pellet granulator should be controlled as less than 15%.
Let's take 15% as example, one ton raw material contains 0.15 tons of water. After pressing, the water content was reduced to 10%, leaving 950 kg of solids.

In summary, it is reasonable for 1 ton of wood sawdust material to produce pellets of 0.9 tons or more.As you can imagine, if the water content of the raw material is high, the pellet output will decrease.

What is the maximum output of pellet machine?
One single machine always has its limitations. In large scale pellet production,we always combine several ring die granulators to achieve a certain output.