How to invest in wood pellet plant 3

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Can I make money by investing in wood pellet business?
There's no standard or accurate answer to this question.Because no matter what projects are invested, there are always some people who succeed and some who failed.

As far as the pellet machine business is concerned, there are three major factors that must be considered clearly.
1. Raw materials.
it plays an important role in this business,without cheap and abundant material,there's no way to get any success in wood pellet business.
2. Equipment quality. 
Famous brands equipment price may be much expensive than others, but the quality is more stable and reliable with longer service life.So the cost is lower from long run.
Good sales channels is important factors in ensuring the sustainable development of the pellet business.

The other way to reduce production costs is set the pellet plant close to a convenient location,like near the seaport or transportation hub.

Pellet machine,also named as pellet mill,granulator,pellet extruder, playing a very important role in wood pellet production plant.There are many different types pellet machine is china market.
Like the general information saying,flat die pellet machine is design to household usage,ring die pellet machine is aming at large scale or industrial production purpose.

If you want to invest in large pellet plant,how to choose a proper pellet machine?There are three tips will help you figure out:
1.your raw material type
2.the budget on this wood pellet plant
3.your workshop size and power limition

As you can see from below pic,ring die pellet machine is divided into horizontal and vertical type.Among vertical,there's also gear drivetrain and reducer drivetrain and belt drivetrain.
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