Brief introduction of animal feed pellet production line

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1. Raw materials receiving and cleaning section

Cleaning the dust and small debris such as metal or stones. Including convoyers, cleaners, magnetic tubes, dust collector, etc.

2. Crushing section

Crushing the raw materials into powder. Including small silos, hammer mill, conveyors, dust collector, air fan, etc.

3. Mixing section

Mixing different kinds of materials and nutritions. Including mixer, conveyor, etc.

4. Pelletizing section

The most important section of the line, pressing the materials into small pellets. Including conveyors, small silo, pellet machine, belt conveyor, sidewall conveyor, etc.

5. Cooling section

Cooling the high temperature pellets to room temperature. Including counterflow cooler, crumbler, conveyors, cyclone, rotary screens, etc.

6. Packing section

Packing pellets into bags 50kg/bag or 1t/bag, etc. ncluding packing scale and sewing conveyor.

7. Electric control systerm & Accessory equipment

Controlling all the machines in the line, including carbinets and cables, etc.