JLNE Counterflow Cooler Machine Introduction

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SKLN Series Counterflow Cooler adopts the convection between natural air and materials and adopts the counterflow cooling theory to cool the high temperature and wet pellets. Cooling air and materials touch with each other, converse and vertically go through the material layer, gradually changing hot air and hot materials touch with each other, through hot exchange, pellets will be gradually cooled clockwise, hot air will be abstracted from the Cyclone Separator of fan which is on the top of cooler. It is able to avoid that cooling air and hot material directly touch with each other and prevent that pellets will be cooled so fast that cause the pellets to dehisce.
This kind of cooler has the following advantages of high cooling efficiency, high safety, long cooling time, hot exchange completely, easy operation, etc. It is a advanced equipment which is widely used in feed pellets industry. The temperature of pellets after cooling is less than Room Temperature +3~5℃ and the moisture content is less than 12 .5%. We can produce different capacity of this kind of Counterflow Cooler which is desirable equipment for 5000-100,000 tons per class per year capacity of feed processing manufacturer.