New type vertical biomass wood pellet machine

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New type vertical wood pellet mill, gear transportation instead of reducer transportation, mainly used for wood sawdust straw EFB, etc pellet production.
Charactors of JLNE new type pellet mill(No-reducer)
1.Larger capacity. This type pellet mill have larger capacity 10%-20% than normal type.
2.Higher efficiency, no lubricating means no stopping machine to adding oil(saving time and reducing waste)
3.Longer lifetime and widely application. Gear-type high quality than reducer and if damage, only changing gear instaed of changing expensive reducer.
4.No reducer, no need for lubricating oil, reducing money and heavy work.

After launching for Three Month, our factory have saled more than 200 sets. Our regular customer got 70% of them because of its good quality. Even other counterpart sell our machines to their customers. Our factory is running day and night to meet their orders.