How To Start Biomass Wood Pellet Business

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1.Enough workshop size needed. Please tell us what workshop size you can provide, and our engineer will design it and show minimum square need.
2.What is your raw materials and how many kinds. It will decided if there need a wood chipper machine and a drying machine.
3.You prefer manual line with cheap price or high level automatic type line? Automatic type need few workers, but more money. Manual type need less money, but more workers.
4.After that, we will offer a suit plant quotation with flow chart to you, again customized by you to add or induce some parts.
5.After deposit payment, just lying on your couch and having a coffee, and in 2 months, the machines will be done and shipped to your country. Our engineer will help you to build the plant and train workers. So your big business start now.