Let me show you how to find right pellet mill supplier in China 1

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Have you ever been in these situtations before,when asking offers of pellet mill from different suppliers in China,you will get confused and struggled hard because:
1.some of those offers seem quite similar in photos and specification but prices are different at all,why?
2.for same appearance machine,when checking on its function,some suppliers tell you it has,while others say no,why?
3.same models among different suppliers,their specification are not same,why?
4.the supplier's office and manufacturing facilities are not in different province,why?
5.before placing order,few suppliers welcome your visiting in factory,while others refused and required deposit firstly,why?
6.when bargaining, some supplier can make a little concession,some can make great concession without limit,why?
The answers to all above will be revealed by next conversation.
You may face other problems that i did not mention,why not join me by leaving message here and let's discuss together..