Animal Feed Pellet Mill Instruction

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1. Animal feed pellet mill is a main equipment that presses feed of pellet, which is applied to big and medium size of factory to produce high quality pellet.
2. The structure of this machine is compact and has beautiful shape, convenient for installation, operation and maintenance, as well as reliable work.
3. This machine has ring die of different pore diameters, such as φ2,  φ3,  φ4,  φ4.5,  φ5,  φ6,  φ8 and φ10. The customer can select at will according to their own different requirement
4. Animal feed pellet mill adopts feeding by continuously viable motor. Equip  with discharge out of the machine and lubricating system
5. This machine is made up of systems of feeding, stirring, pelleting, driving and lubrication etc. The working process is as follows. The mixed powder that moisture content is less than 15% goes into the feeding screw from the hopper and obtains suitable materials amount through adjusting speed of continuously viable motor. Then the mixed powder goes into the stirrer. In the stirrer, powder materials are mixed by stirring rod and modulating with steam. If need to add honey or oil, they are also modulated with steam from the cylinder(oil adding amount is less than 3%, or it will be difficult to shape). After modulating, the temperature of mixed powder can be 64-85℃, humidity can be 14-16%. The materials after modulating goes into the chute. Removal the iron impurity in the powder materials through iron remover. Finally, the powder materials are pelleted in the pressing room.