Hammer Mill How To Operation And Maintain

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1. Operation of hammer mill
1.1 The operator should know the function and the instruction of the hammer mill well.
1.2 Check all the firmware carefully before turn on the machine. Make sure they are fixed tightly. Make sure the belt conveyor qualified and the line of power is linked exactly. Make sure there is no iron or blinding mixed with raw material.  
1.3 Turn the rotor by hands to check the running situation, there should be no grating or block.
1.4 The sieve should be fixed firmly and sealed, no leaking.
1.5 The hammer mill should match a magnet adopter to control the material. So that can prevent the sifter and hammer from damage. The feeding should be equally and under control.
1.6 Do not replace any parts before turn off the machine.
1.7 Do not leave the machine un-attended. Any emergency, stop the machine immediately and examine. It is prohibit opening the cover of machine when it is running.
1.8 Let the machine continue working for 2-3mins after the production finished. Stop the fan and the hammer mill after all the finished material released from the machine outlet.
1.9 Turn on: Hammer mill →fan → feeding system
1.10 Turn off: Make sure no material left in hammer mill → feeding system → hammer mill → fan.

2. Maintenance of hammer mill
2.1 Check the hammer and sifter of the hammer mill frequently. Replace them in time.
2.2 Clean up the material carefully after each shift to prevent the machine from rust or
jam. Prevent the dust going into the machine.
2.3 Check the firmware carefully after each shift. Tight them when get loose.
2.4 Clean the machine per 300 working hours. Disassemble the bearing per 3 months,
clean the bearing and add the lubricating oil.
2.5 Replace the accessories in time after they are wear down.
2.6 Replace the sifter in time after they are wear down.