Why should choose a good ring die for your feed pellet mill

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Part I:Briefly explain the impact of using a inferior ring die mold

With the rapid development of the feed industry, feed enterprises have spread all over the country, and pellet feed production has become a major product to promote the development of animal husbandry. At the same time, our feed pellet mill sales are also popular in the domestic and international market.

At present, due to the popularity of feed enterprises and the increase in the production of pellet feed, the demand for feed pellet mill spare part ring dies has also increased. As a result,the poor quality ring die produced by some small manufacturers have also flowed into the market.Some feed producers are attracted by their low prices, but it should be known that this kind of low-quality ring die have rough processing and low service life,and what is important is the low imitation precision,and poor concentricity.

If the feed pellet mill uses this ring die for a long time, it will greatly shorten the service life of the feed pellet mill. According to a recent survey by the after-sales service department,in enterprises that use non-original ring die molds, the feed pellet mill generally runs for several months, and the accessories of various parts will appear different degrees of wear and tear, and the frequency of bearing damage is high, and the phenomenon of oil seal oil leakage is serious.The main engine often fails, resulting in unstable operation and low productivity.This is actually just like the fake cell phones on the market today. Although the price is only one-third of the branded phones,the damage caused by this radiation to the human brain is more than five times. The reason is the same.

Part II:Detailed analysis of the impact on the machine
Why the use of inferior ring die will shorten the life of feed pellet mill?The price/performance ratio is not good, and there are many reasons.

1. The inferior ring die pursues low sales price, so it has certain limitations in the selection of blanks. It is impossible to use high-quality materials. Only low-quality and low-priced billets can be used as raw materials. The molecular structure of such billets is not tight and the toughness is not up to To the requirements, the degree of wear resistance is poor, and the ring mold made of the steel billet has a short service life and is easy to cracking. If such a ring mold is used, it not only wastes the capital investment of the enterprise due to frequent replacement of the mold, but also has serious production safety problems.

2. The equipment in the inferior ring die processing is rough, and it is impossible to have the accuracy of solving the inner and outer circles like our ring die machining.At present, most ring die manufacturers use old-fashioned lathes for precision machining,the processing accuracy is not up to the requirements,plus the ring die mold itself is imitation, the main mating surface accuracy And the processing size is difficult to ensure accuracy, like the combination of the ring die mold and the hoop, as long as there are more than a dozen wire errors in the processing, the hoop does not hold the ring die mold, resulting in the feed pellet mill shaking and rubbing during high-speed operation. The hoop and the empty axle transmission wheel are damaged at the same time, and the body vibration phenomenon occurs.

3. The processing technology of the ring die is very particular. For example, our ring die drilling equipment is made by imported gun drills.It has the advantages that the die holes are arranged neatly and the hole walls are as smooth as the mirror surface. However, most of the inferior ring die hole machining is manually operated by a small drilling machine. The inner wall of the hole is rough and ribbed, and the compression ratio of the ring die varies in depth, which makes it difficult to discharge the pellets out,thus increasing the consumption of electricity and decreasing the production capacity.the appearance of the particles is not smooth, and the length of the finished material is uneven. Especially when the machine is blocked, the temperature in the extrusion cavity of the ring die rises rapidly, and the pressure roller bearing and the spindle bearing are easily burned out, and the working load is increased.and the wear of the big and small gears of the feed pellet mill is accelerated.

4. The quenching process is an important part of the ring die manufacturing.Our quenching process is very particular, all of which use the American vacuum quenching furnace and the Japanese multi-purpose quenching furnace.At present, it is difficult for small-sized ring die suppliers to have these advanced equipment,generally, they are quenched by earth-type well furnaces.This kind of equipment can not automatically control the quenching temperature,resulting in inconsistent hardness in the surface after quenching of the ring die,Moreover, the deformation coefficient is large,and the ring die mold is easy to lose the round.When the feed pellet mill using the ring die is in operation, the pressing roller will frequently impact the ring die, which makes the granulator's vibration and noise increase. This is also an important factor for the damage of the main shaft and the empty shaft,once the bearing of the main shaft and the empty shaft is damaged or the inner and outer rings are run,the main shaft and the empty shaft may be scrapped. If the bearing holes of the main box body are worn, not only will the feed pellet mill be unable to work, but the output will be reduced obviously.It will also cause the feed pellet mill to be unable to work properly.

5. Because the processing of inferior ring die is mostly imitation, its processing accuracy can not be controlled, and the error accumulation in various aspects, such as long-term use of such ringdies, the normal operation of the feed pellet mill will be seriously affected The feed pellet mill can not reach the goal of safety, high yield and low consumption.

Part III: Summary
Calculate the account, use the inferior ring die mold, although the purchase price is lower, but the feed pellet mill often fails, the parts and bearings are often replaced, the output is reduced, the power consumption is increased, the manpower is wasted, and the economic benefits of the enterprise are affected.

In order to make your feed pellet mill achieve high quality, high output, low power consumption and safe production in the feed production process, we should give full play to the working efficiency of the feed pellet mill. It is best to use our standard quality ring die spare parts.