Customized feed pellet press granulator

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JLNE is known as good manufacturer of biomass pellet machinery,although we also specilized in feed pellet press granulator in domestic market over years.People may think the factory must be highly professional if only focus on one filed,like biomass or feed..while truth is a good supplier will always be keenly of improving his ability and provide more to customers in revelant filed.

Making poultry/animal feed pellet requires whole procedures which start from material preparation until packing and storage.Among all those different sections,pellet press granulator palys very high role.There is no fixed standard,all the parts can be customized,like conditioner,ring die,roller,chamber,etc.

Here’s customized fish feed pellet press granulator SZLH420 for our customer from Dominican Republic. brand motor(assigned brand) and bearings
2.stainless steel material
3.Europe standard belt pulley