How to choose proper ring die mold wisely

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This article consists of three chapters:why ring die is important & how to figure out different type choose right ones & conclusion.

Chapter 1:why ring die is so important
Ring die is the "heart" of pellet machine, it seriously affects machine's output&power consumption &pellet's quality,etc. During production, the consumption of ring die is a big expense for many customers. Only the quality guaranteed ring die can make sure steady production and long service life of pellet machine.

Chapter 2: how to figure out different type choose right ones
There are many types ring die available in China market with quality unevenly,In order to choose proper ones wisely,you need to know how a ring die be made,what does it “go through” during production.

Let’s start from beginning,in terms of processing technology, there are three major aspects decide price and life:
Tip 1.choose forgin mold over casting mold
Tip 2. gun drills and multi-station drills is better
Tip 3.vacuum heat treatment with enough processing time and temperature makes ring die more stable
Tip 4.hole’s mostly in three ways design according to different material

In terms of raw material, it generally be divided into three series,chromium alloy & stainless steel & carburized steel.Each type of material in the manufacturing process can be changed by special heat treatment methods.
1.alloy molds-- not easy to crack
Advantage: high hardness and the best level of wear resistance
Dis-advantage: poor corrosion resistance

It is made of carburized steel, the carburizing hardending(also called as surface hardening) of ring die,is one kind of heat treatment.which means when ring die heated in high temperature,incorporate a certain amount of carbon gas,so that the surface of steel absorbs plenty of carbon gas which enhance hardness,thereby increasing the wear resistance of the mold surface.The inner material of mold contains low carbon is soft with high impact toughness.

2.stainless steel material molds (aso named as High chromium molds)
Advantage: high corrosion resistance.
Dis-advantage: cost expensive

Their outer surface is not hard, but the core is harder than the carburized steel mold. wear resistance and toughness are inferior to alloy molds

3. Carburizing stainless steel molds
Similar to alloy mold,this type has hardened surface,with good wear resistance.but Corrosion resistance is not good as high chromium molds.

Chapter 3:Conclusion:
You compared thousands times and finally found the cheapest price,you were so excited,because it could save you maybe 100usd or 200usd per ring die…but,really?do you really save money? Due to different processing technology & material type,One ring die cost 1200usd can work 2month,while another cost 800usd only available 2weeks..that’s not kind of actual saving.

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