Feed Pellet Mill-Some Knowledge You Should Know

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Have you ever encountered any obstacle when using your feed pellet mill? These confusions may be rough pellets, low hardness, high powder content, and etc. May be you will blame the machine, but it is not fair in general. Here are some matters you should notice.
Select One Suitable Pellet Mill for Each Raw Material
Whether exciting or not, it is a fact that raw materials you have prepared to pelletize will have an influence on the final pellet.
1.Raw materials with high starch are easily gelatinated by steam. Thus, they will have a certain viscosity, which are in favor of shaping pellets.
Raw materials with high coarse fiber may be difficult to process. Facing with such issue, you can add just enough oil to decrease friction between raw material and die. After follow me, you will be surprised to find that the final pellets are glossy in appearance. The value recommended is about 1%. Besides, you should pay attention to mixing uniformity before pelletizing. And considering the complex formula, you had better keep variation coefficient at 5%.
Adjust the Feed Flow
Here I want to tell you something about pelletizer. It is important to keep a steady feed flow by adjusting the feeder in your practical operation. Sometimes a surge bin is considered to installed over the feeder hole. In general, there are three steps to find out.
Do you ensure the revolve of your pelletizer be smooth and steady?
Is the steam abundant?
Have you opened all the feed strobes of your pelletizer?
Is the revolving speed at a rated value?
However, the main driver motor may not reach rated electric value after you have checked all the crucial matters above. It is the moment that you can have a conclusion that the feed flow is not enough.
Control the Interval Between Roller and Die in a Proper Way
here are two cases to be mentioned. One is too small interval between rolls and die. In this situation,rolls and die will be abraded quickly. Meanwhile, super noise will occur. The other is too large interval. Be lost in such a state, raw materials will not be pinched well. At large,  range of the interval should be balanced at 0.05-0.30mm.
It should be stressed that new dies should match new rolls. In addition, you had better add enough butter on rolls. It is our responsibility to tell you that a trying operation is necessary when using your pelletizer at the first time.
In conclusion, if problems arise,you can consider reasons and measures above.