Difference between Wood Pellet Mill and Feed Pellet Mill

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Nowadays, pellet mills have been widely applied in an increasing number of countries and regions. However, for most people, they do not fully understand them. For example, they may think that wood pellet mill and feed pellet mill are the same type of pellet mills except for the difference in raw materials. That is wrong. Actually, raw materials for making wood pellets and feed pellets have essential differences in chemical compositions. For example, sawdust and straw belong to raw fiber which has a large diameter and is hard to compress. On the contrary, grain for making feed pellets is fine and easy to compress. Beyond that, there is still a huge difference in structure. It may be said they are two types of entirely different products. Then we will expound differences between wood pellet mill and feed pellet from the following three aspects: appearance, working principle, production parameter.
Let's talk about the appearance first. Feed pellet mill is thinner and smaller than wood pellet mill. Generally, the highest feed pellet mill is about one meter and only several hundred kilograms while the smallest wood pellet mill is more than two meters and about 5.6 tons. How does the huge disparity come out? At this point, we have to mention their working principle.
For ring die design, The most important difference is that ring die pellet mill for making wood pellets adopts imperative feeding device. Besides, wood pellet mill adopts the centrifugal and high-efficient design. Its pressure is several times than the ordinary feed pellet mill. In other words, feed pellet mill can't be used to make wood pellets.
Last, in the production parameters, wood pellet mill is nothing compared to feed pellet mill for its low production, heavy weight and high price. For example, as the same pellet mills which produce pellets one ton per hour, wood pellet mill's power is 80KW while feed pellet mill's power is 22KW which differ almost 4 times, and the weight also differs almost 3 times.
According to the above information, we should not use feed pellet mill as wood pellet mill or it would not also do harm to the pellet machine, bring economic loss to the user but also influence the healthy development of the whole industry.